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The Free/Open Source Software Society Malaysia is a non-profit organisation to better serve the Malaysian FOSS community.

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Is It True That Being Nice Is Hard

Is It True That Being Nice Is Hard Living in the 21st century supposedly would not be as tough as it was back then. We are living in a society where awareness is most likely fast spread through the Internet every single minute. Awareness of mental health, unresolved issues, abandonment issues, relationship attachment issues, and

Pros And Cons Of Home Delivery In Malaysia

Pros And Cons Of Home Delivery In Malaysia Grocery delivery in Malaysia: There are advantages and disadvantages of everything in this world. To make a sensible decision about something we should consider its gains and losses very carefully. Same as that home delivery had countless advantages and countless disadvantages. If we talk about advantages then

Things To Help Your Productivity At Home

Things To Help Your Productivity At Home Many of us have been staying home ever since the pandemic started. Some of us lose jobs, some are still working and some are encouraged to work from home. Not everyone is privileged, yes. But in due time we learn to accept what is going on and adapt

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