Unemployment rates for millennial between 20 to 30 years old are higher than those in other age groups. This is because the exceptional age is shaping how we think about work, and yet they still wrestle to find jobs.

In this cutting edge of the work environment, it needs them to gain experience and take the spots of past ages, but they seem to experience many stumbling blocks when they are trying to enter the job market. Here are the reasons why millennials are facing so much struggle in order to get jobs in Kuala Lumpur!

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1. High Expectations

There is an idea that millennials are overconfident about what they can expect. They want the higher pay that comes from more obligations without getting the experience first. This arrogance could be influencing their potential. If the millennial don’t find a ‘dream job’ they wanted, they may get discouraged and stop looking for their big opportunities. They may not even bother to look for a job opportunity at a company like 7-Eleven, because they don’t realize how much they can progress and develop once they reach to the top like getting a promotion.  With work ethics, the ability to take responsibility and critical thinking are the skills that are probably going to draw the attention of managers and may create new chances for the millennial.

2. Unsuitable Skills

Millennial these days are facing a demand for new sorts of skills and knowledge as many of them are well educated that have skills already and are ready to find employment. However, they often do not have the most basic workplace skills, for example, a capacity to convey or organize. They may have concentrated on theoretical studies and be highly qualified, but not having the work skills that comes with experience, is useless. For those who have graduated, this may make them feel getting a job is impossible. To get that all-important experience, they may need to take on a place that is not perfect, however, they ought to do this at a company where there is potential for development. Besides, finding a tutor to teach them the skills they need is another alternative. The more initiative they show on learning to further their career, the more probable employers are to be impressed. Any sort of paid work experience, even if it was just a freelancer, could also be helpful for the millennial.

3. Competitive Labour Market

Employment opportunities are limited and most grownups concur that today is a lot harder for the millennial to get jobs. Millennial surely need to set up their game by increasing their employability as they have graduated in a difficult economic environment where they need to consider developing skills in new emerging professions to establish a successful career. Some of them are prepared to go back to graduate school, however, the exchange schools and certificate programs also allow retraining and changing into a different field as it adds less tedious and costly graduate school.

4. Student Debt

Student debt is an issue that is faced by many graduates. This can hinder their financial abilities and make it a bit more difficult to find jobs with salaries that they can have to help pay of said debt.

5. Negative Attitudes

Tension, uncertainty, dread, and disappointment are only a portion of the feelings experienced by recent college grads who are doing combat to secure positions. This can keep them from being available to new potential outcomes. If they are sure, drawn in and centered, they are bound to discover chances to develop, regardless of whether they start in a genuinely humble position. Nobody needs to be an aide, however, at any rate, it’s superior to not having a vocation at all and how the activity is done may simply draw the consideration of somebody in authority and open up new chances.

6. Lack of Education

Millennials is a highly educated group of young people, many have been compelled to drop out of school or college en route because of budgetary or individual reasons. Not having gotten a college degree makes it increasingly hard for them to discover work as opposed to the individuals who hold one. Right now, having a degree and important work involvement in their field of study are incredible resources for millennials.

7. Expensive Costs of Living

To have the option to live freely and take care of their tabs, youngsters need to have a consistent wellspring of pay with the goal that they are not depending on their folks for money related help. Since the typical cost for basic items is costly it makes it harder for recent college grads to begin making their very own living. With low section level wages and high living costs numerous profoundly instructed recent college grads are stuck in the eatery and administration industry where they make enough to endure yet there is nowhere to develop.

8. They Want to Learn from Experience

Most millennials are fairly driven and won’t be happy with filling in as a center director for the remainder of their life. They hunger for new information and direct involvement. They are centered around self-improvement, and dissimilar to more established ages they don’t think their instruction is done the day they have moved on from school. They are frequently long-lasting students. They select courses and prepare dependent on genuine experience, instead of seeking after another degree, confirmation, or certificate to hang in their office.

Allow your Gen Y workforce to invest energy in mastering new skills, explore new courses. Encourage them and set up an educational cost repayment fund, occasionally welcome speakers to your office, and send your employees to training sessions and workshops.

9. They appreciate intangible work that benefits more

A millennial job seeker is armed with technology and the Internet.  They can become more acquainted with all the little insights concerning your organization, including surveys from previous and current businesses, before focusing on the activity. They never again need only a work area, fixed-working hours, benefits plan, and yearly rewards like different ages did. They are more pulled in by elusive advantages like friendly work culture, an absence of micromanagement and organization, vacations, and that’s just the beginning, alongside some progressively obvious advantages like cool office space, authorization to carry pets to work, or wellbeing benefits. There are various minimal effort advantages an organization can offer workers to keep them content, steadfast, and propelled, other than worthwhile compensation.

The millennial is the future. Just because everyone agrees that finding a job is difficult for millennials and there are no guarantees, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the effort. It’s important to showcase their talents and develop their skills so that both companies and employees can reap the rewards. As long as they stay informed about changes in the job market and work on a more positive attitude, they can secure a job in no time.