What Are The Different Types Of Materials Used In Making Dildos? Let’s Take A Look!

If you’ve ever searched for a dildo, you’ll notice a few characteristics in the item’s description. Sex toy material is a crucial piece of knowledge. There are a variety of materials applied to create sex toys and items, each with its own set of care recommendations, limitations, and lubricant compatibilities. To avoid your goods breaking down, you must know what the best sex toy ingredients are, what the toy is constructed of, and how to manage that material. Those that are properly cared for and kept endure better than toys which are not. Certain materials may cause allergic reactions in some persons, such as those who are allergic to latex. Before you buy your next Secret Cherry adult dildo, acquaint yourself with the many types of dildo materials available.


Silicone toys have a lifelike feel to them, are hypoallergenic, non-porous, and last a long time. Because of the great quality of the material, silicone is currently used in a lot of toys. This sex toy’s non-porous design makes it less prone to deteriorate and shred, which means it won’t gather bacteria as easily. Silicone is among the greatest dildo components because it adapts to body temperatures as it absorbs heat, giving certain sex toy users a more comfortable experience.


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Glass toys are stunning because they can be sculpted and coloured in a variety of ways. Vibrators are also included in some glass dildos. A glass toy is made of a special type of glass that is not easily breakable. Glass toys are non-porous, hypoallergenic, incredibly safe, and substantial. Borosilicate or Pyrex, a high-grade glass that can tolerate heat, cold, and pressure, is the best dildo material typically utilised in glass toys.

This ensures your item will not shatter when falling off your bed due to normal use. To vary the temperature, most glass toys can be boiled, placed in cold water, or stored in the refrigerator, but they must never be frozen or microwaved. Always check the box of your sex toy to ensure that the material is acceptable, since certain hand-blown glass toys can be destroyed through the dishwashing machine and boiling.


Because it is harder but yet pliable, latex rubber is among the finest dildo materials for “harder” toys like dildos as well as some vibrators. Rubber-based toys, like jellies, are generally cheap. Ensuring the quality of the rubber toy requires avoiding rips in the substance, cleaning after using it, and using a condom. Latex rubber, like jelly, is a porous substance that, if not cleaned properly, can retain microorganisms.


Jelly is one of the most frequent and affordable materials for a simple sex toy. Jelly toys are soft, squishy, and a little sticky at times. They are malleable and one of the greatest vibrator and dildo materials since the vibrations can be felt through the material. They’re constructed of a PVC and rubber blend. When you first unwrap the box, they may have a distinct “odour,” although this normally vanishes fast.

Jelly is a porous sex toy substance, which means it has small, microscopic pores and air pockets. These microscopic holes are what cause jelly toys to wear out after a few usage, since they are prone to rip and tear. Furthermore, because these holes can accumulate debris, you should properly wash jelly toys after each usage. When experimenting with jelly toys, the best advice for lengthy use is to wear condoms.

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