Are Sippy Cups Good For Your Growing Toddler?

Now that your little one has arrived, ensuring that they are well-fed and healthy is of the parents’ utmost importance. Pediatric experts mention that once your baby is beginning to eat solid foods, sippy cups can be introduced into their daily routine. Though it is worth mentioning that sippy cups are a temporary stepping stool into getting your baby to use open cups to drink fluids. Look no further than here for the best sippy cup malaysia to get your toddler started on drinking from straws and open cups!

What is a sippy cup?

Sippy cups are a great way for you to slowly ease your baby out from bottled drinking and breastfeeding into drinking right from the cup. Formula, water and even pumped breast milk in a sippy cup can introduce toddlers to spouts and straws. It is important that parents do not leave their babies drinking sweet juices with sippy cups, as this can lead to tooth decay with prolonged use. Other than that, sippy cups should be used in moderation, as it can affect a child’s speech development, swallowing and even teeth conditions.

The different types of sippy cups

There are a plethora of sippy cup options for parents to choose for their toddlers. From sippy cups with snap-on lids, to different spouts and straws that can help prevent or lessen the likelihood of spilling for busier parents who may not be able to clean up messes right away. There are some sippy cups with handles that can help with the toddler’s hand-eye coordination with more use. Parents can switch to sippy cups without handles in case their toddler is not ready for an open cup, if they are able to hold things in their hands steadily.

When should they stop the sippy cup?

It is recommended that toddlers slowly make the transition from sippy cups to open cups after turning two. Toddlers are unable to lift their tongue to properly drink from open cups. Therefore, parents should train them to drink from open cups in open spaces where spillage is allowed and easily cleaned. Drinking from open cups will help with the speech development and the toddlers’ swallowing patterns. Parents should look out for how fast toddlers’ can switch to other cups after using straws and sippy cups.

Transitioning to open cups 

Parents should limit the use of sippy cups in a day to make sure that the toddler does not become too dependent on it. Parents can replace the sippy cup with a regular open cup or a straw cup to train the toddler to drink from other types of cups. Sippy cups can be filled with any form of liquid. For example, milk and water to even thicker consistencies like smoothies and yogurt drinks. Eventually, your toddler will be able to drink from an open cup with minimal spillage if the transitions are supported with proper cups, like kid-friendly open cups.