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The Free/Open Source Software Society Malaysia is a non-profit organisation to better serve the Malaysian FOSS community.

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What Types Of Accidents Will Leave You Disabled?

What is considered the most hazardous form of vehicle or truck collision is determined by how risk is defined and measured. Although rollover collisions are more likely to result in fatalities, there are theoretically more deaths in rear-end collisions since there are so many more rear-end collisions than rollover collisions. There is a distinct hierarchy

Benefits of sex for men and women

Sex can bring multiple benefits physically and mentally to both men and women. Sex can improve your mood and improve your sexual relationship with your partner. Therefore, it is important to learn the benefits of sex for both men and women to keep your relationship more lively. You can checkout the Secret Cherry sex shop

Virtual Hearing: Introduction to it and The Pros and Cons

Virtual hearings, as the name suggests, mean that a hearing is held on virtual platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom and Webex. It simply means that some of the attendees that are supposed to be attending the hearing are not at the physical venue. They can join the hearing using the virtual platforms mentioned using

Renting an Office Space: You Have a Number of Choices

In most cases, the price of office space is the only consideration a small business owner has when looking for a place to base their business activities. It’s important to be cautious when renting office space, since many hidden charges may not be discovered until after the fact. An unskilled commercial real estate broker or

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