glucose syrup malaysia

What Is Glucose Syrup?

Glucose syrup is a starch as raw material in the action of enzymes or acids produced by a starch syrup. The main components are glucose, maltose, malt trisaccharide, malt tetrasaccharide and so on. It’s also called liquid glucose, high fructose corn syrup.

Glucose, also known as dextrose, is a monosaccharide, but it is not as sweet as sucrose. Glucose is naturally found in honey and is an important component of mammalian biology. When we talk about hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, we refer to glucose levels.

The main forms of glucose in our life are glucose syrup and powdered glucose. Glucose syrup is often mixed with other sugars, especially fructose, and is as sweet as table sugar. Powdered glucose is glucose syrup that has been sprayed into tiny drops and dried. Glucose can be used to add luster, improve the texture of food, etc.

glucose syrup malaysia

Glucose syrup is mainly used in the food industry, accounting for 95% of the total consumption, and only 5% in the non-food industry, mainly in the pharmaceutical industry. Confectionery is the most widely used in the food industry, followed by fruit processing, beverages and baking. In addition, it is also used in canned and dairy products. The role of glucose syrup in candy manufacturing is mainly to control the crystallinity to meet the needs of different types of candy.

The added glucose syrup should be treated on a case-by-case basis. 63 DE syrup can increase the hygroscopicity and softness of candy, reduce the hardness and inhibit microbial corrosion, and is often used in the production of gum candy and soft candy. The 35-42 DE acid converted glucose syrup can increase the solid content, improve sucrose solubility, ensure the size of candy, and is often mixed with sucrose for hard sugar production. However, the syrup with low DE value has poor effect due to its high average molecular weight and high viscosity.

Glucose syrup used in alcoholic drinks has two functions: one is to control suspension, ripeness and sweetness; the other is to be used as the source of fermented carbohydrates. Glucose syrup with high DE value should be selected and added after fermentation or distillation extraction. Glucose syrup is widely used in the baking industry to control rheological properties of products, and reducing sugar enhances browning of bread crusts. The oligosaccharides in the syrup control the structure of the product, and the high DE value glucose syrup makes the cake absorbent and prevents drying. 

Moreover, glucose syrup is used in the production of ice chess, which can control the softness, crystal formation and freezing point of the product, so that the product becomes smooth, without ice crystal, but sweet, and does not cover the flavor. Applications of glucose syrup in the pharmaceutical industry include as a raw material for antibiotic production, as a coating for pills, and as a carrier for cough solutions, together with sucrose.

Glucose syrup in the field of food production, food safety and so on has been concerned and studied by people. Its versatility is still being developed. Therefore, to produce a good glucose food, you have to use the best glucose syrup in Malaysia.

How Do You Find The Right Roofer For Your Roof?

Whether it is for the installation of your first roof or the repair of an existing one, contacting a roofer is essential. Indeed, although many people currently offer this task, the roofer is in the best position to carry out the work in the right conditions. Just like many of the jobs and work in our home. A professional interior designer and contractors know the best about painting and decorating your home just like a professional roofers knows the best about your roof.

However, remember that roofing work requires a significant amount of money. Among other things, under no circumstances should the realization of the work be entrusted to an amateur. But how do you know the person you’re talking to is a real professional? Find out all in this article.

Consult the opinions of those around you

In the past, word of mouth was the only option to find a qualified professional. Today, who told you that this method can no longer be trusted? Of course, even today, it is quite possible to find a professional roofer by consulting the advice of those around you. You can chat with your neighbors, friends, coworkers or family members and ask them to recommend a professional RGS Maintenance Metal Roof Installation Malaysia roofer.

Request quotes

By consulting the opinion of those around you, you have surely obtained several names and addresses. Now select at least 4 professionals and ask for quotes. From the documents you have obtained, compare the work that has already been done, the price, the preferred materials as well as the turnaround time. Take stock of the strengths and weaknesses of each roofer. This comparison will also allow you to find the rare pearl that offers an attractive and competitive price. After all, isn’t that your greatest wish?

Check your expertise

However, once you have found the roofers that are right for you for your needs, it is highly advisable to check their expertise. So, when the time comes to contact roofing, do not hesitate to ask him for recent references from his clients. Contact them one by one to find out their satisfaction. You can thus know if the roofer is a true professional if he knows how to satisfy his customers and if he offers an optimal quality of service, to exceed the satisfaction of those who trust him. You can also get information from the consumer protection office. 

Business Technology Management

The choice in business technology management happens to be a bridge between information technology (IT) and business. You will learn how to use IT to support, simplify and improve the organizational processes of businesses and government agencies and the non-profit sector. This option allows you to acquire key skills and aptitudes in information systems and analytics by making you aware of the strategic issues of technology management, as well as the best practices in planning, design and implementation.

A master’s degree is a graduate degree that students earn after completing a rigorous program of study, which can last between one and three years. For students who have earned a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree can help open up more specialized, rewarding and potentially profitable career opportunities. Additionally, look out here if you are interested in restaurant management course.

What is a Master in Management of Technology? 

Courses in this program of bachelor of technology degree syndicate business strategy, principles of management, design, and engineering for preparing graduates to identify capable technological innovations and supervise development processes. Candidates become familiar with theories of business and leadership, with an emphasis on managing technical workers and developing new products. Some programs allow students to focus on a specific technological area, such as information technology, while other programs aim to develop more general skills.

A Masters in Technology Management can be invaluable today, given the rapidly changing nature of technology and the benefits that businesses gain from keeping pace with these advancements. For professionals with a science or engineering background, this degree may be the next step towards a leadership role in project design or management.

The cost of obtaining a Master in Technology Management is not fixed between institutions; on the contrary, it varies depending on factors such as geography and the structure of the program. To accurately assess the cost of obtaining a Masters in Technology Management, students should directly consult with the institutions that offer it.

Field of job

Professionals who have earned a master’s degree in technology management can get jobs as project managers or pursue managerial positions. Graduates can directly supervise the development of disruptive new technologies. They may also supervise technical employees or advise employers on the use of existing technology to improve business operations. Some graduates may also choose to work as consultants and advise companies on the effective use of technology or product development.

Those who wish to earn this degree can do so through conventional courses or online. Virtual programs can benefit people who want to graduate without leaving the workforce or relocating. There use to be a number of supple online master’s degree programs accessible today. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling out the contact form.

3 Best Places To Get Diving License In Malaysia

When you first think of Malaysia’s ocean, the opinion can vary greatly depending on where the person lives. On the western side, most of the ocean is polluted, green and disgusting even the famous Port Dickson is not safe from pollution. But on the eastern side, it is where most tourists would visit for scuba diving and other ocean or beach related activities. Aside from being a tourist attraction, this is the part of Malaysia where you can find most scuba diving schools located at. For some people, scuba diving is their main choice for exercising as it helps to build up their stamina and increase their lung capacity.

There are many places you can get a diving license malaysia, but you would have to travel to the eastern side of the Peninsula to find most of the best scuba diving institutions, which are:

  1. Perhentian Island

Located at Terengganu, Perhentian Island is one of the most popular tourist spots for scuba diving. There is a turtle sanctuary located at the island as well where visitors can take part as a volunteer. It’s smaller cousin, Perhentian Kecil, is known for attracting almost as many tourists as Perhentian Island due to the seafood being cheaper there.

From there, aspiring divers can get their license with one of the three best PADI certified institutions: OctoDiver Dive Centre Perhentian Island, Angel Divers and Monkey Dives. There are many diving spots in Perhentian Island, including some of their most popular spots like the Tukun Laut (Temple of the Sea), Terumbu Tiga and Shark Point.

  1. Tenggol Island

Also located at Terengganu, Tenggol Island offers 

Here, you can stay at their luxurious Tenggol Coral Beach Resort where the rooms are built in traditional “kampung” style buildings with a modernized design.

While you are there, you can apply for a diving license with Viking Scuba and they will take you to multiple diving spots where you can go through multiple shipwrecks, sea turtles and even the humongous whale shark. However, some of their diving spots are for experienced divers, which could be a turn-off for some.

  1. Pulau Payar

Located in Kedah, the Pulau Payar is famous for its trademark restaurant that is built on top of the sea. Pulau Payar is best known for its marine park where tourists can snorkel around the beach to witness the beauty of the ocean.

Langkawi Scuba is the institution you will need to look for if you want to get a license. If you are lucky, you might even get to see dolphins swimming around during your time in Pulau Payar.

Although it is not cheap to apply for a license in these locations, it definitely beats to paying for a scuba diving license in Kuala Lumpur. There are scuba diving institutions in Kuala Lumpur, but they charge a higher price due to attracting many locals and tourists in an urban area. If you are looking for a cheaper way to get your license, then these are the perfect places to fully experience scuba diving and make the most out of the money you have spent.

How Can You Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Everybody needs a good marketing strategy. A good marketing strategy is how we get the recognition we need, the revenue opportunities, the chance for collaboration, innovation, and more. 

But maybe you already have a pretty solid marketing strategy. Maybe you invested your time and money with a good brand activation agency Malaysia. But there is always room for improvement. The world of marketing and especially digital marketing is always growing. There is something new happening every day and a new trend to follow. As digital marketers and business owners, we have to be on the constant lookout for new opportunities and chances for new prospects. 

So how can you improve your already existing marketing strategy? You are bound to have reached a new audience, better reach, and better ideas for innovation. Here are some new trends, strategies, and tools you can apply to amplify your existing marketing strategy and fulfill your marketing objectives. 

Improve Your Relationship Management 

Having a good marketing strategy includes building your community as well. When we build our community, we are cultivating customer lifetime value, decreasing the cost of customer acquisition, improving sales, driving traffic, and keeping your customers engaged. Customer relationship management is also important to build long-term brand loyalty. Part of branding yourself is focusing on this loyalty and how to strengthen it by fostering trust, credibility, and openness. Of course the obvious answer is constant engagement that builds the relationship. You can make groups, have community discussions, have a labeled name for your fans and constantly address them, ask them questions and respond to them in a genuine manner. For example, if you want to position yourself as the best florist in KL or best whey protein Malaysia supplier, you’ll need to maintain a relationship with your community since it is a B2C market.

Improving Customer Segmentation 

As your target audience grows and the number of prospects grows, the number of different types of customers also increases. There are customers from different parts of the country that are exposed to different cultural values, have different lifestyles, and exhibit different interests. There are even people with different purchasing powers and have different levels of interest in your products. You can segment them based on how they react to your products and services. 

Analyze The Marketing Metrics 

Metrics are important to how we build our marketing strategy. Metrics tell us how well your branding and marketing are doing. Metrics also tell you how well your brand recognition, awareness, and salience is improving among the target audience. Metrics is even more important to understand how well you are fulfilling your marketing objectives. 

Analyze Your Social Media Platform Effectiveness 

Not all social media channels work the same. For example, Twitter is more suitable for serious, short, valuable content while Instagram is perfect for visually appealing content such as high-quality videos and pictures. It is also important to note that your target audience may not be in the social media channel you are working on right now. People are constantly moving from one channel to another so make sure you get a clear understanding of where your target audience is. Our marketing only works when our target audience is intrigued, enticed, and attracted to us. 

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Why study Islamic banking?

To limit the study of Islamic banking to religious study at islamic finance course degree would be to miss the opportunity to analyze a fundamentally different type of banking, which has moved out of theory to become a reality not limited to Muslim countries. The simple fact that it works without one of the basic instruments, not only of commercial banks, but also of central banks – the interest rate – also implies a change in the management of conventional “national” monetary policy. This should pique the curiosity of anyone interested in alternative forms of monetary and / or financial systems.

If Islamic banking has these obvious restrictions that at first glance suggest an inherent contradiction with the banking business itself, then how does it work? What financial products does it offer? Who decides if their actions are halal (allowed) or haram (prohibited)?

An Islamic bank, like any financial institution, must serve as a financial intermediary, satisfying the need of users to maintain deposits, channeling these to investment. The resources can be allocated to social projects such as education, or, being indexed to a basket of consumer goods, serve as a form of protection against inflation. However, the bank cannot limit itself to this traditional role if it seeks to obtain profits derived from granting loans, as it is not allowed to charge an interest rate; It must “partner” with its clients and share the risk of the investment made. 

What is reason for this mechanism?

On the other hand, the Islamic Banking also plays another role within the Muslim community. The existence of a religious tax on wealth and savings, the  zakat,  (reminiscent of the Catholic tithe), which is intended to alleviate poverty, is a practical way of demonstrating Islam’s interest in fostering cooperation in the community; Each Muslim must look for someone to help, or, failing that, which institution to entrust its proper use. This role is played by many Islamic banks that after collecting it decide, through the council, the best social causes to which their resources will be channeled (charity, construction of schools, mosques, or aid to students), so that they generate the greatest development of human capital possible.

Other common financial instruments in traditional finance also have a simile in Islamic banking. For example, insurance, in its western form (which resembles a probability event where insurer and insured “bet” on the possible incidence of an X event) are prohibited. However, Islam does come to recognize the social utility of “insurance” and to cover this need, it creates takuful, which is a mechanism that gives the capacity to form a common fund from which resources can be taken in the event of an accident. For more articles like this one, click here.

Be Realistic With Your Offer for the Right Real Estate Solutions

You usually won’t achieve anything with a bid that is way too low, because there’s a good chance you’ll offend the seller. Do not immediately attack if you think the asking price is too high. Ask the seller how he arrived at this amount. If your research, and that of your purchasing agent, shows that the house such as ara damansara condo for sale is priced too high, you can support this on the basis of an inspection report, for example. Find out what the average selling price of comparable homes such as ara damansara condo in the same or a similar area is. So negotiate based on objective facts.

Show Some Enthusiasm

It’s not a good idea to be very critical or coy about the house. Selling a home is emotional. Sellers want to see the personal story behind the buyers to help them choose between multiple offers. This is your chance to sell yourself and convince the seller that you are the best candidate buyer. Do you have children? Talk about how you can imagine your children playing around in the pretty garden. Just married? Describe what it can be like to start your life together here. Mutual sympathy can mean that the price may be just that little bit easier to negotiate. Go for the ara damansara condominium  as this is the best idea that you will be having.

Be Creative

What if it is not possible to negotiate the asking price? Most sellers are willing to negotiate, even in neighborhoods or cities that are very popular with buyers. If the price is non-negotiable, then perhaps other things such as the handover date, including furniture and appliances, or making any repairs. Be creative in the negotiation options.

Be Ready To Move On

In the event that you can’t make an arrangement on the primary property you like, don’t stress. There are a lot more houses available. It is exceptionally normal to lose to another purchaser in the current market. Yet, it’s similarly as basic to in the long run track down an extraordinary home half a month later that you are considerably more amped up for than the first. Maybe looking back it was not awful to the point that the principal offer was not effective.

The decision is made

You are going to sell your house. This decision entails so many choices that you could use some tips! How are you going to sell your house? Are you going to sell your house yourself or are you engaging a broker? How do you ensure a successful viewing? How the negotiations work and what do does the purchase agreement say? Here you can read our tips about the different phases in the sales process. For more articles like this one, click here.

Wax emulsions: application and subtleties of painting

Due to the water-repellent effect of waxes, it does not seem possible to mix wax and water. With the help of complex manufacturing processes and the correct use of emulsifiers, however, popular mixtures, also called wax emulsions, can be produced. The Wax business unit has focused more strongly on trading and marketing wax emulsions in recent months. In cooperation with strong partners, a first-class product range for a large number of application areas has been created. In particular, the focus is on sophisticated emulsions for special applications. 

Applications and properties

The applications of wax emulsions Malaysia are diverse. There are simple applications, such as as an aid to hardening concrete or as a release agent for formwork, anti-graffiti paints or in polishes and care products. More specific products are often used in printing inks for high scratch resistance and in wood coatings with particularly high water and swell resistance. The primary PE emulsions are used, for example, in aluminum die casting. They are particularly resistant to UV radiation and high temperatures.

How an emulsion is formulated depends on the areas in which it is to be used. High gloss values ​​of a coating can be obtained, for example, with the help of small particle sizes, while larger particles tend to have a matting effect. Very hard waxes improve the abrasion resistance. This property is often asked for in the application of printing inks and varnishes. Anti-slip effects are obtained with softer waxes. In order to achieve strong, water-repellent effects, non-polar waxes should be used as a base. The large number of properties of the different waxes make the product group so incredibly versatile.

Waxes and wax emulsions can be used in many ways. Waxes are often used in cleaning agents to change the surface properties. Waxes are suitable additives for formulations to increase the gloss or matting effect, to improve the hydrophobic properties or to change the properties of surfaces (slip resistance, mechanical strength, etc.). From cleaning agents in the detergent and cleaning agent industry to special applications in the paper, glass, metal, paints & coatings, wood and plastics industries. For more articles like this one, click here.

How to Design A Website

Designing a website can seem like a daunting task. But worry not, because this article is going to show you how to design a website and make it look good. This article will also help you if you are working on web design malaysia and might need some help, or a refresher to help remind you how to design a website. Many people believe that if you want to create a cool website, you need to be a Silicon Valley genius or have cutting-edge software. What’s the good news? That is complete nonsense.

That said, you’ll need a basic understanding of web design. After all, it’s crucial – so much so that 38% of users will abandon a website if the design is unappealing. Consider web design to be similar to selling a car: it may have the most incredible engine, but if the body is ugly, no one would want to buy it. Below, we will give a list of steps to follow when designing a website. 

  • Define your site’s purpose and strategy

It may seem obvious, but before you begin designing your website, you must first determine its intent. You should think about what your USP (unique selling point) is and how you want to come across, in addition to learning your business and identifying a content plan. People aren’t irrational. People will see right through you if you put yourself out there only to make a buck or lift your own profile. Your website’s architecture is inextricably connected to your name, so it must be genuine and engaging. 

  • Research the latest trends in web design

While web design is constantly changing, there are several common patterns that you can benefit from. It’s important to remember at this stage that just because a web trend is popular doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Design is the most critical aspect of a website for 48% of users, so take your time and look at what your rivals are doing. – industry will have its own distinct style, so you must decide whether you want to blend in or stand out.

  • Choose your platform

Isn’t a specialist firm the first thing that comes to mind when you think about high-quality web design? Although top corporations generally perform admirably, they can be prohibitively costly. There is, however, an alternative: website designers and ecommerce websites. These are DIY online resources that let you design and build your own website without knowing a single line of code! Naturally, there are a plethora of options available, all of which are of varying quality, but we’ve done the homework and found the best on the market. We will now announce the best choices for building your own site based on a blend of specialist analysis and extensive testing.

  • Select a template and start customizing

Consider how everything you do on the web contributes to the overall identity when creating it. The colour scheme, font design, and artwork all contribute to telling your brand’s storey. It’s important that they all deliver the same message. One of a brand’s most powerful engagement methods is colour. A signature colour, according to Color Matters, will increase brand awareness by 80 percent. People’s perceptions of race are influenced by a lot of psychology, but it’s crucial to consider how it’s used in the business. To assist you, we’ve put together a chart that explains what different colours represent and how they’re used.

  • Publish your website

Now it’s time to double-check everything before going online! Ask your families, relatives, and coworkers to try the site in demo mode (which is available for both website builders and ecommerce platforms) to see if they find anything incorrect. You may also ask members of the general public to try it out and get feedback. For more articles like this one, click here.

The Roles Of An Accountant

   Many people decide to open up a business for their side income. Apart from being recommended by the government, people truly believe that it is one of the ways to help them maintain their way of living, especially during this global pandemic where the number of people that suffer poverty in the future will increase. Therefore, people have to be smart, not just in spending wise, but as well as finances. These people who opened up businesses are hardly aware of the importance of hiring an accountant. Not just because they believe their businesses are small, they also think that they can manage everything on their own. But in this article, I will share the roles of an accountant, that might change your mind.

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   One of the main roles of an accountant to your business is to manage your business’s finances. This includes your expenses, spendings, and liabilities. Many people think that they could manage when the company is not that big, but when it comes to collecting money from people that owe us, we would not remember the amount or the people. Thus, an accountant will keep track and keep a record of every transaction, especially if it involves the company’s money. 

 Other than that, an accountant will also form a plan for your business. Normally, an accountant understood the process of the transaction and basically knows how to be smart about planning a business strategy. This can save you tons of money and time spending. By hiring an online accounting Malaysia, you can also manage your time wisely and focus on other things that need your attention such as maintaining good connections with your existing clients, attracting more clients to your business, and come up with new ideas for the business, to keep fresh and up to the trend. 

   Last but not least, the role of an accountant is to prevent errors and fraud. As it is their job to manage the business’s money, it is also crucial for them to know when and where the money goes. Therefore, an accountant’s job is not easy because if something were to happen, they will have to take the responsibility to be blamed for. Not to forget, if your company were to be audited, your accountant will make sure that you would not violate any taxes or government’s law for you to have a clean and safe record. 

   I do not see any reasons for you to not hire an accountant, they will help and ease your work process in so many ways. I think it is okay to hire one, as an investment and save tons of money later because an accountant will manage your work plan structure and marketing strategy. Furthermore, they will give advice to you if you want your company to maintain to have a consistent flow towards success. If you have a trust issue working with an accountant, you can also ask for a weekly report from your accountant, maybe observe how they work during the day, and frequently check the transactions. Other than that, an accountant normally can be trusted and they are also aware of their positions. 

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