PPE cabinet Malaysia

What Should Fit Inside Your PPE Cabinet?

A PPE cabinet Malaysia is a perfect piece of furniture for your lab to store various types of personnel protection equipment, ranging from clothes to first aid. Without any safety equipment at all, your lab should automatically be considered as a hazardous area that should be shut down for the safety of yourself and your workmates.

You may need more than one PPE cabinet so you can fit the rest of the equipment. Below are the essentials that you must invest in before you can run your own lab.

Lab coats

Whether you have advanced personnel protection clothing or not, the bare minimum that your lab must have are lab coats. They are not only worn as proof that you and your friends are legitimate scientists. The uniforms double as protection from chemical spills, low level biological agents, and so on.

If your coat is tainted by a spill, immediately wash it off under an emergency shower. Depending on the chemicals themselves, the coats must either be laundered professionally or be marked as disposal if they are dangerous enough to be considered as biohazard waste.

Of course, if more dangerous chemicals are involved in your lab, then make room for chemical proof suits inside the closet, and if you have to, store your lab coats in another or hang them somewhere safe and accessible for anyone.

First aid kits

No matter how minor the injuries are, it is a priority for you and your workmates to treat them immediately with basic first aid before you can seek further treatment in hospitals or clinics. A cut or a chemical burn can pose a risk of infection, which can worsen if it isn’t taken care of.

When storing a first aid kit in a PPE closet, make sure that it is already visible so it can be taken out quickly and rushed to the scene. Pick a bright color for added visibility, such as the classic white. A color like red, on the other hand, won’t make it entirely camouflaged in the closet, but it is still much preferable to make it noticeable from a distance, especially if the kit is placed outside the closet instead.

Fire protection

PPE cabinet Malaysia is safe

Fire is a hazard that should be on the top of your list because it can spread uncontrollably and destroy your lab and materials. Although the flames alone are a danger to yourself, they are not the sole killers, as if it is big enough, the smoke can kill you through suffocation too. 

Your lab must be spacious so the smoke won’t be able to trap any confined spaces and you have time to extinguish the fire or escape unscathed.

The immediate dangers of fires calls for fire safety equipment to be mandatory, without which you shouldn’t run your lab yet, genius. Extinguishers and towels are prominent examples that must fit into your PPE cabinet. You should also store a little more within the lab itself so in case you cannot reach the closet, you still have another within your reach.

Stock management software Malaysia

Things you need to know about a stock management software

We are living in a market economy where corporates and stores maintain their prices, inventories, and even customers based on human demands or the market’s demands. Thus, any goods that achieve a high demand will always have to be aware of the source shortages. Likewise, for any of those which is less attractive, corporations will store them for later use, forming inventories or stock, and there are hundreds if not millions of them, in both amount and types. Not any person or group of people can effectively handle and control all of the burdens. Hence, people leave it for computers, a system of stock management software Malaysia relies heavily on to maintain its infrastructures. 

What is a stock management system?

Stock management software is an automated assistant system that supervises, calculates, and updates in real time about the condition of the stock. It tracks the inventory of every piece of goods you have and proceeds on making orders/reordering on out-of-stock items and calculating the price. As a result, supporting users to gain a statistical vision of stocks and fulfilling customers’ demands without overloading or underloading their inventories, thus, money.  

Stock management software Malaysia has optimised this visible and automatic to lower the number of human workers, scale down the steps and avoid human errors. Moreover, for each industry or firm, there will be different stock management software dictated to their demands. 

How does it work? 

Most of the stock management software Malaysia is cloud-based, allowing for a smoother and more synergized operation. It comes under a monthly subscription with a software company that you are partnered with – the people with whom you buy your stock management software. Simply pick an outlet that meets a high standard of service and you can be care-freed about cybersecurity, IT staff employment, or managing the software, just click and use. 

Some key features that you should consider when choosing a stock management software:

Point of sale integration: this integration with the user’s point of sale generates a selling and re-stocking cycle whenever a product is sold. No matter if it is from an online or offline outlet, every time an item is scanned or checked by the customer, the point of sale will update it back into the system in real-time and trigger the automated ordering system that helps to restock

Inventory catalog: this catalog will trace not only the types of products within your inventory but also categorize them by sizes, colors, and other distinguishing characteristics. 

Automated reordering: this as mentioned above will automatically restock your inventory whenever a trigger signal is sent from the point of sale if it is in a low amount. All you have to do is set up a minimum and maximum quantity requirement and leave the rest to the system, it will keep the stock within the assigned levels.

E-commerce integrations: this system helps track your sales on all e-channels. This combined with automated reordering will safeguard your money and stocks.

Product cost analysis:  it helps you predict and calculate restocking, machinery acquisition, and labor expenses before making transactions. 

Make Your Work Place Save- Patlite Signal Tower Malaysia

Do you know that a safe environment at the workplace is important? You need to install various kinds of safety things. The employees and the boss need to undertake expert schooling on working machineries. By putting in PATLITE signal tower Malaysia and lots of more. Have you ever been thinking what’s the only manner to create a secure surroundings on the workplace?

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How to Make A Safe Environment at Your Workplace.

  1. Train personnel well.
    Comprehensive education is a have to for stopping place of work harm. Make positive that every one of your personnel have got admission to – and complete – all protection education for his or her positions.
  2. Reward personnel for secure behavior.
    Rewards are a smooth manner to inspire a place of work protection. Giving out small rewards to personnel who comply with protection guidelines keeps them engaged, that could make a large distinction in decreasing place of work accidents.
  3. Partner with occupational clinicians.
    As cited above, occupational medicinal drug clinicians can offer treasured perception into place of work harm and prevention. These clinicians will let you save painting accidents with the aid of touring your worksite and figuring out regions in which there’s an excessive threat for worker harm. Physical and occupational therapists also can enhance place of work ergonomics and increase human overall performance opinions that will help you display applicants for bodily worrying roles and useful resources withinside the return-to-paintings process.
  4. Use labels and symptoms and symptoms.
    Labels and symptoms and symptoms are a reasonably-priced and powerful manner to quickly talk about essential information. They’re commonly easy and depend upon snapshots to element risks and right procedures. These gear are suitable reminders and warnings for even the maximum skilled worker.
  5. Keep matters clean.
    A messy place of work can result in needless accidents. Make positive bins are stacked correctly and spills are wiped clean up quickly. Conduct normal inspections to test for capability risks which include tangled cords, messy floors, and disorganized gear. Programs like 5S regularly offer useful enhancements in enterprise that could result in decreased clutter.
  6. Make positive personnel have the proper gear and feature normal system inspections.
    The proper gear and system create a higher product and a more secure painting environment. It’s additionally essential that every one system is wiped clean, serviced, and inspected regularly. Machine malfunctions are one of the most risky places of work.

    Click Here For The Benefits of a Commercial Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
  7. Encourage stretch breaks.
    Stretch breaks are a smooth manner to enhance place of work ergonomics and worker fitness. Taking even 5 mins to stretch can ease muscle anxiety and unfasten joints, decreasing the capability for repetitive movement accidents. Active moves were proven to be greater than passive stretching alone.
  8. Implement protection protocols from the start.
    Workplace protection begins off evolved from day one, because of this hiring certified folks who take note of elements. A secure place of work begins off with personnel who comply with protection necessities and carry out their jobs in line with the hooked up procedures. Some employers paintings with bodily therapists to research the bodily needs of every process role. The findings are used to create purposeful process analyses and post-provide pre-placement purposeful testing.
  9. Keep an open dialogue.
    Make it smooth in your personnel to return back to you with fitness and protection issues. They can document risks properly and become aware of capability regions of problems you can now no longer have noticed. Appoint or nominate a protection captain who’s empowered to talk issues recognized with the aid of using personnel to management on a regular basis.
  10. Have normal conferences in place of work protection.
    It by no means hurts to be over-prepared. Regular conferences to check protection guidelines and talk prevention maintain place of work protection pinnacle of thoughts so that once something does happen, all people are aware of what to do properly.

You should be aware about lab supplier Malaysia!

For use in industry, research, and education, the lab supplier Malaysia is committed to offering top-notch lab equipment. Our goal is to develop a setting that promotes academic rigor, encourages scientific discovery, and provides access to basic necessities. We exclusively invest in top-notch products with a lengthy shelf life in order to maintain the safety and sterility of our facilities. There are several advantages to communicating our thoughts and ideas to others. According to research, people are able to solve issues more quickly, reach a wider audience, and express their work more effectively when they do so. By increasing our notoriety and know-how within the scientific community, sharing can also help us develop personally. However, MDC can be a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a lab supplier in Malaysia.

Types of Laboratory Research Equipment

You are undoubtedly already familiar with laboratory research tools including centrifuges, mixers, baths, microscopes, shakers, and stirrers. Many different kinds of laboratories employ this basic equipment.

To carry out more difficult tasks like extracting DNA, analyzing protein, and activating cultures, the research lab may need specialist equipment. Here are five things you could require for additional in-depth research:

  • Equipment for horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis, as well as chemicals, imaging systems, and power sources. Through the use of an electric current and typically an agarose gel, gel electrophoresis separates DNA, RNA, or proteins.
  • Heating apparatus meets a variety of research needs. Block warmers are effective for melting and boiling points, enzyme reactions, blood urea nitrogen measurements, incubation and activation of cultures, and immunoassays. Drum heaters offer an effective method for viscosity control, freeze protection, and material maintenance at high temperatures. Temperature and humidity extremes are produced in environmental chambers. Furnaces are used for testing, aging, curing, and moisture drying. Heat is applied to containers via heating mantles, which does not significantly increase the chance of glass breakage.
  • numerous types of ultraviolet equipment. To analyze bacteria, molds, yeast, and viruses, a germicidal light is typically utilized. Medium-wave lamps are mostly used to document electrophoresis and to distinguish minerals based on their fluorescent response. Fluorescent dyes work as leak detectors using longwave, or black light.
  • Hard metals, ceramics, glass, and plastic samples are all processed using ultrasonic cleaners.

What makes lab equipment essential?

lab supplier malaysia

Students can do experiments in science labs rather than just reading about them thanks to the equipment there. They can observe and conduct engaging experiments rather than taking tedious notes. Understanding difficult theories and concepts is frequently made simpler through this hands-on learning.

What aspect of laboratory safety is most vital?

Response and Justification: Knowing where to find and how to use safety gear, such as a fire extinguisher, is the most crucial lab safety regulation. Despite the measures that are taken, accidents can still happen in laboratories. The reason for this is that human error is always possible.


To maximize the advantages consumers can extract from our solutions, we must harness technology sharing and new ideas, accelerate expansion as Malaysia’s most popular laboratory equipment supplier, supply goods and services directly to customers, and maintain long-term relationships.

Internet banking Malaysia

Tips For A Strong Password For Your Online Bank Account

Internet banking Malaysia is very convenient when you have an online account of your respective bank. You can access your money anywhere and anytime thanks to the portability of your phone, and you can also engage other online features of your bank account such as looking and signing up to your bank’s investment program.

As great as the benefits of online banking are, they can be cut short by your account’s compromised security and your funds drained like a straw as messages of unauthorized transactions start to flood your phone. Your month is already ruined when you are witnessing the downfall of your savings to the minimum required amount needed to maintain your bank account.

You had all of the security figured out, yet your bank account was still hacked. You still remember your password, which is simply the name of your favorite movie.

Here is where the problem lies. Your movie is very popular, and known by so many people in many countries. It broke box office records and gained tons of positive receptions, some even went far to say that it is the peak of the superhero movie franchise.

You probably figured it out by now. Such an immensely popular title will not do as your bank account password. You are asking for trouble. If not this password, what else will work as one?


It is fine to use media references as your password, but it is better if it is obscure or not a mega hit. It doesn’t matter whether it is a video game, underground music or a B-rated movie that you found as a kid in a dingy basement DVD store somewhere in town.

As much as there are mainstream media out there, underground ones are just as plenty. You only have to keep digging the shovel as there is gold or diamonds beneath the dirt full of earthworms. Otherwise, if you still insist on referencing the big cheeses, at least choose a very uncommon reference that not enough people would get without deep knowledge of the source.


internet banking Malaysia

Many websites may tell you to lengthen your password when you are signing up. This is not a request, it is a demand. You can ignore it if you want to, but your security will likely be compromised if the hackers attempt to penetrate your account and only takes few guesses to enter your password correctly.

Mix letters, numbers and symbols altogether. It doesn’t have to be a constructive word or sentence. If you have too, just type gibberish instead, only worrying the exact characters and their orders. When you are storing your password for reference, never store it in public areas, both online and physical. 

Store your precious password in your very own private space instead. Your lockbox, your drawer’s hidden compartment, your zipped file that is locked with yet another password, and so on.

Change Often

After a month or so, you must make the habit of cycling new passwords so your bank account will definitely be secured. You should also swap new references if you are using such for your passwords. Never use the same source. Or even the same genre if you want to take this further.

And dispose of your old note for good.

Buy online sex toy Malaysia? understand exactly how to use!

Buy secret cherry online sex toy Malaysia? The absence of openly visible sex toy stores on the streets in many nations is totally understandable. For this reason, a lot of sex toy companies only use internet stores to market their goods. Fortunately, purchasing sex toys online may be a smart and secure transaction because many internet retailers work to prevent your purchase from being known. Secret Cherry is only one of the many sex toys online retailers in Malaysia! Various sex toys for both sexes are available for purchase. Sex toy retailer Secret Cherry conducts the majority of its business online. They use covert packaging techniques to maintain client confidentiality. Each vibrator available from Secret Cherry is more daring than the one before it. Visit Secret Cherry’s official website right away to learn more about their vast selection of vibrators.

Why Do People Use Sex Toys?

For a variety of reasons, sex toys are utilized by a diverse group of people. Using sex toys can be the quickest (or only) way for certain people to have an orgasm; this is especially true for those who have vulvae. Vibrators and cock pumps, among other sex toys, can be used by people as aids during masturbation. People also use sex toys when they are having sex with their spouses.

 Products Offered by Sex Toy Shop

According to the data gathered, practically all of the items at the sex accessories shop are identical. But this time, it was viewed on the website of Secret Cherry, The Best Sex Toy Shop in Malaysia, an online sex toy retailer. They market a variety of goods, including:

Finger Vibrator

Rubber or angular pads are worn on the fingertips with this type of sex toy. Use lubricant prior to this item coming into contact with delicate body parts to prevent excessive friction or irritation.


Dildo is one of the most well-known sex objects in the entire globe. Despite the fact that it was designed for women, this device can be used with a partner. Many of today’s most cutting-edge and contemporary dildos are powered by batteries or electricity.

Blindfolds and Handcuffs

These sex toys come in the shape of handcuffs and blindfolds, and they’re sometimes adorned with feathers or other alluring accents. Unexpected sensations as well as fascinating new sexual behaviors will be made possible by this equipment.


That you insert your penis into soft tubes. Sleeves come in a wide variety of forms and dimensions, and also feature a variety of inner textures for added sensory appeal. Others even have suction or vibration. There are more strokers made specifically for larger clitoris or smaller penis for intersex people or trans guys receiving hormone therapy.

How to use sex toys safely?

Cleaning sex toys

What determines how to clean a sex toy is:

  • what the sex toy’s composition is
  • if the sex object is powered by batteries and has non-washable components

There should be instructions on how to store and clean sex toys. Carefully adhere to the manufacturer’s directions. Make sure to thoroughly wash reusable sex objects with soap and warm water after each usage. As this can raise the risk of infection, check sex toys frequently for any scratches or fractures in the surface material where germs may be present and spread. If you have a latex allergy, avoid using sex toys that are made of or contain latex.

Get to Know More About Tankers and the Functions

In addition to transporting passengers, the type of ship that operates on the ocean also transports oil as fuel. A tanker or oil tanker is a type of ship used to transport fuel oil.

Actually, the term oil tanker is already familiar to the ear. There are numerous types of ships designed specifically for transporting this oil. The size and design differ significantly from passenger ships. Check out the detailed explanation of the oil tanker.

What are Tankers?

A tanker is a ship that has been designed to transport a variety of liquids, including oil, chemical liquids, and other liquids. As is common knowledge, oil refineries are not always constructed on land.

In addition to transporting oil from refineries, many chemical liquids must also be transported by sea to various locations. In addition, oil tankers are used as a mode of transport for delivery.

The tanker is outfitted with a comprehensive safety system in accordance with applicable regulations. This is done because the ship’s cargo is extremely hazardous to humans and the environment.

Oil tanker operation cannot be performed by just anyone. Transporting cargo safely necessitates prior knowledge and instruction. Even fire can experience leaks if caution is lacking.

Specifications for Tanker Vessel Size

Given the different types of cargo they carry, not all oil tankers are the same size. Both the treatment and the design are distinct in order to meet specific requirements.

Here are some common sizes of oil tankers currently in use.

1. General Purpose Tankers

The ship used to transport refined products weighs between 10,000 and 25,000 metric tons.

2. Handysize Tanker

This ship is also capable of transporting the same cargo, but the cargo is larger, ranging from 25,000 to 40,000 MT dwt.

3. Medium Range Tankers

Also known as the MR Tanker, it is used to transport refined products weighing between 40,000 and 55,000 metric tons deadweight (dwt).

4. LR 1

The tanker Long Range 1 transports refined products and crude oil. The range is between 55,000 and 80,000 MT dwt.

5. LR 2

Long Range 2 can carry between 80,000 and 160,000 MT dwt of product and crude oil cargo.

6. Very Large Crude Carriers

The ship, which has a deadweight between 160,000 and 300,000 tons, transports crude oil.

7. Ultra Large Crude Carriers

These ULCCs also transport crude oil weighing 300,000 tons deadweight.

Oil tanker operations cannot exist without safety and oil-based components. Lubricants are required for the engine performance of a ship to run smoothly.
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stainless steel pan Malaysia

Smart Cooking With The Steel Pans

Cooking with a particular piece of cookware has both advantages and disadvantages. As far as dietary components go, there is almost no limit to the number of options available. Cooking utensils come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and iron are just a few of the metals these individuals cook with. Choosing the stainless steel pan malaysia is essential there.

Are you aware of the health benefits that stainless steel cookware may provide?

stainless steel pan Malaysia

According to research, stainless steel cooking equipment is the most popular. On a regular basis, it is employed in the production of cookware as a component.

There are many applications for stainless steel that aren’t related to food preparation at all. There are several ways you may utilize it, including in containers and pots.

Stainless steel is by far the most popular material for creating cookware because of its numerous enticing properties. Listed below are some of the benefits:

  • It is impenetrable by all means of leaking.
  • It has a far longer lifespan than other forms of cookware.
  • All you need is a bar of soap to get everything clean.
  • There are several health benefits to cooking with stainless steel cutlery.

Stainless steel has the potential to be a non-toxic material when treated correctly. To protect your body from possibly dangerous materials that may leak out, you should stay inside. In addition to being easy to clean and safe to use, it also helps to keep germs and other infectious agents from spreading.

Several health benefits have been connected to the use of stainless steel cookware. We’ll discuss the benefits to one’s health in the lines that follow.

There aren’t any components in here that may be dangerous

Cookware made of stainless steel does not include any of the potentially dangerous chemicals found in other non-stick materials. It is common for cookware to include PTFE and PFOA, two potentially harmful chemicals.

PTFE and PFOA are known to cause renal problems when inhaled over long periods of time. Because of the nonstick coating, the pan must not be heated over the recommended temperature. Over a period of time, the nonstick coating may release potentially dangerous compounds from the pan.

stainless steel pan Malaysia

There is a potential that the toxins in your diet are causing a range of health problems. An association with the development of Alzheimer’s disease has been suggested by several studies.

Compared to other materials, it deteriorates more slowly

Stainless steel’s non-rusting and corrosion qualities are a further benefit to public health. It is completely safe to eat anything that is generated in it, no matter what it is.

Food cooked in rusty containers or pans may have a different taste than fresh food. You run the risk of exposing your body to potentially harmful substances if you use this product. Cooking using corrosive cookware raises one’s risk of cancer by a factor of two.

Consequently, food prepared with these utensils is much more safe than food prepared using cookware that has been rusted.

The disinfection procedure is made easier by using

Stainless steel cookware makes it simpler for people to keep their food clean. When it comes to removing stains, stainless steel is a better option than aluminium or copper.

silicon breast pump Malaysia

Why Babies Don’t Want Eat? – Silicon Breast Pump Malaysia

silicon breast pump Malaysia

All of us know that mom breast milk is the best milk for a child. But sometimes we need a silicon breast pump Malaysia to pump the milk out. If you are interested in silicon breast pumps Malaysia click here.

Why Babies Doesn’t want to eat?

silicon breast pump Malaysia

There are a few reasons that a newborn baby may not be eating enough such as a tongue tie, illness, or being born prematurely. But regardless of the reason, if your newborn isn’t feeding normally, you should call their healthcare provider. Especially if your baby’s sleepy and has a loss of appetite.

This can be a sign of illness, infection, or low blood sugar. Infants dehydrate easily and not eating can quickly turn into a medical issue. Generally, they shouldn’t go without feeding for longer than five hours for their first 12 weeks.
There’s a lot that can cause loss of appetite in a baby’s first year. Your baby will likely double their birth weight in the first four months. By the time they hit one, they’ll probably have tripled it. You’ve no doubt heard about growth spurts. Grown spurt is a period of time where babies grow more rapidly and noticeably than other times.

How to Increase Baby Appetences

  1. Breastmilk
    From the birth till 6 months old babies need only breast milk to gain their weight. This is a super food which is most nutritious and balanced for babies. Breast milk also helps to improve the immunity and appetite in babies.
  2. Banana
    Bananas are high in carbohydrates, potassium, dietary fiber, Vitamins C and B6 which is an excellent source of natural energy. A single banana can provide more than 100 calories. You can introduce bananas after 6 month old. You also can make banana smoothies, shakes, puddings or just a mashed banana. Bananas are an easy way to feed at home and when you are traveling.
  3. Full Cream Milk
    Full cream dairy milk is also one of the ways to help your child to gain weight. You should include at least two glasses of milk per day to one year old child’s diet. Not only that, you also can add homemade health powders such as dry fruit powders to the milk if your child doesn’t like plain milk. Cow’s milk should be avoided until your child is a year old.
  4. Sweet Potato
    You can introduce sweet potatoes after six months old to your child. Sweet potato is the most nutritious food. It is also, a good source of potassium, magnesium, dietary fiber, phosphorus and are low in saturated fat. Sweet potatoes are easy to mash and digest and also very tasty. You can make sweet potato khichdi, pancakes and halwa for your babies and toddlers.
  5. Plain meat and egg
    For non- vegetarian meat can be a good option for gaining weight. The red meat provides an easily absorbed form of iron for your baby. But make sure you introduce homemade meat to your child initially. Eggs are also high in protein, saturated fat. Eggs are a very healthy option for your child’s growth and development. Egg is a good source of choline, which helps to regulate the nervous system and brain. But before that make sure your child isn’t allergic to eggs.
online menu QR code Malaysia

Eating One Meal A Day: Risks and Benefits

Scanning an online menu QR code Malaysia in your favorite restaurant gives you a variety of delicious lunch options. Appetizers, burgers, meats, vegetarian, you name it. Yet of all the options you chose, you decide to only have soup and garlic bread for dinner, even when you can afford the main courses.

Yesterday, you only had rice and chicken, and ate nothing else save for a couple of cheeses. Eating one proper meal a day has been your lifestyle as of late, and maybe you did lose some weight. Yet the hunger keeps punching you in the gut, asking for more food no matter how much you resist.


A lot of people practice the “one meal a day” or OMAD dietary practice for several reasons. Weight loss and reducing the risks of certain illnesses are among these motives, but what can OMAD specifically benefit you?

Weight loss aside, practicing OMAD could reduce blood sugar, some heart disease factors such as cholesterol, and markers of inflammation. It may uniquely benefit the nervous system too, slowing down neurodegeneration and promoting longevity.

Because OMAD still doesn’t restrict you from some or many foods, you could still eat whatever you want. A big meal of beef ribs, mash potatoes, carrots and cauliflower? Fantastic. At least it will keep you full and nutritionally healthy.

online menu QR code Malaysia

OMAD might work if your meal isn’t just big, they are also nutritionally adequate. Mixing meat, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and so on together could at least keep you going. If you supplement yourself with a snack or two, even better.

Although those benefits sound promising, they still do not detract you from the risks of OMAD. The longer you practice it, the higher chance your health will crash into some obstacles.


On a daily basis restricting yourself with OMAD, you will feel hungrier and experience fatigue due to inadequate supply of energy, which isn’t good if you have to focus. Bad focus aside, you will also feel weak as blood sugar levels fall.

If your OMAD does not consist of enough nutrients, nutrition deficiencies can occur, which can seriously impact your health. Exclusively eating unhealthy food would also lead to health problems in the future. 

You will also feel full quickly when you practice OMAD often, making eating a single meal difficult. Your muscle mass will decrease as you are practically in a semi-state of starvation.

If you suffer from certain health problems such as diabetes, you are only exacerbating them when you eat one meal per day. In the case of diabetes, since you need to retain your blood sugar levels, you have to eat regular meals throughout each day.

Compared to two meals per day or so, OMAD also affects the genes that support the regulation of your body clock, sleep-wake cycles and metabolism. 

Besides, practicing this habit often can also lead to an increase in LDL, or “bad” cholesterol. LDL cholesterol can punch you through the risks of high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke once their levels are high.