Everybody needs a good marketing strategy. A good marketing strategy is how we get the recognition we need, the revenue opportunities, the chance for collaboration, innovation, and more. 

But maybe you already have a pretty solid marketing strategy. Maybe you invested your time and money with a good brand activation agency Malaysia. But there is always room for improvement. The world of marketing and especially digital marketing is always growing. There is something new happening every day and a new trend to follow. As digital marketers and business owners, we have to be on the constant lookout for new opportunities and chances for new prospects. 

So how can you improve your already existing marketing strategy? You are bound to have reached a new audience, better reach, and better ideas for innovation. Here are some new trends, strategies, and tools you can apply to amplify your existing marketing strategy and fulfill your marketing objectives. 

Improve Your Relationship Management 

Having a good marketing strategy includes building your community as well. When we build our community, we are cultivating customer lifetime value, decreasing the cost of customer acquisition, improving sales, driving traffic, and keeping your customers engaged. Customer relationship management is also important to build long-term brand loyalty. Part of branding yourself is focusing on this loyalty and how to strengthen it by fostering trust, credibility, and openness. Of course the obvious answer is constant engagement that builds the relationship. You can make groups, have community discussions, have a labeled name for your fans and constantly address them, ask them questions and respond to them in a genuine manner.¬†For example, if you want to position yourself as the best florist in KL or best whey protein Malaysia supplier, you’ll need to maintain a relationship with your community since it is a B2C market.

Improving Customer Segmentation 

As your target audience grows and the number of prospects grows, the number of different types of customers also increases. There are customers from different parts of the country that are exposed to different cultural values, have different lifestyles, and exhibit different interests. There are even people with different purchasing powers and have different levels of interest in your products. You can segment them based on how they react to your products and services. 

Analyze The Marketing Metrics 

Metrics are important to how we build our marketing strategy. Metrics tell us how well your branding and marketing are doing. Metrics also tell you how well your brand recognition, awareness, and salience is improving among the target audience. Metrics is even more important to understand how well you are fulfilling your marketing objectives. 

Analyze Your Social Media Platform Effectiveness 

Not all social media channels work the same. For example, Twitter is more suitable for serious, short, valuable content while Instagram is perfect for visually appealing content such as high-quality videos and pictures. It is also important to note that your target audience may not be in the social media channel you are working on right now. People are constantly moving from one channel to another so make sure you get a clear understanding of where your target audience is. Our marketing only works when our target audience is intrigued, enticed, and attracted to us. 

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