study foundation in science in Ireland

Now, the chance of being able to study foundation in science in Malaysia is a little bit difficult as local universities have their own limit of the amount of students that they take. You need to compete with other students who have excellent results in order to get in. There are even excellent students who cannot get into the foundation of Science in local universities. If you are also facing this problem, do not worry, you can go study abroad! If you have a plan to study foundation in science in Ireland, this is the right article for you. Let’s take a look at it! 

For your information, RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC) do offer a foundation in Science in Ireland. For those who do not know, RUMC is the Foreign University Branch Campus of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCS) and University College Dublin (UC). What’s best about this foundation is that if you get excellent results for your foundation, you can continue taking the Medical Degree programme under RUMC! The study duration of the Medical Degree under RUMC is only 5 years, in which 2.5 years of pre-clinicals will be in Dublin and the remaining 2.5 years of clinicals will be in Penang. This means you do not have to compete with other students who apply for the medical degree in local universities. It is a really bright chance for you to take! 

Entry Requirements for this foundation

To be enrolled in this programme, you need to get at least 3As 2Bs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics/Additional Mathematics and one other subject. The requirement of this foundation is not as strict as the local universities. But take note that this is the minimum requirement only. 

Benefits of studying foundation in Science under RUMC

  • The fee is quite affordable compared to other private universities, only RM30,000 for Malaysians while for Non-Malaysians RM35,000
  • 50% scholarship that is equivalent to 50% of the tuition fee for students who got 8A’s and above in their SPM
  • 25% scholarship that is equivalent to 25% of the tuition fee for students who got 6A’s and above in their SPM
  • Opportunity to interact with senior medical students as well as the clinicians
  • Being exposed early to medical and clinical setting

Progression Pathway of Foundation in Science

This foundation is actually a comprehensive pathway that would prepare you for the 5-Year Medical Degree programme. So after finishing foundation in Science under RUMC, there will be two pathways that the students might go. First, for the excellent students who get CGPA of 3.50-4.00, they will be qualified to straightly continue their studies in the 5-Year Medical programme named MB Bch BAO, awarded by National University of Ireland. While for students who obtained 3.00 – 3.49, they will enroll into the Pre-Medical Year programme at RUMC first to prepare them before getting into the 5-Year Medical degree programme.