Is It True That Being Nice Is Hard

Living in the 21st century supposedly would not be as tough as it was back then. We are living in a society where awareness is most likely fast spread through the Internet every single minute. Awareness of mental health, unresolved issues, abandonment issues, relationship attachment issues, and so much more. Yet, people are still going through so many problems as if this awareness is not being read. In the end, the people who want to change only end up giving up being the bigger person all the time. You know, humans have their own limitations and pace, some walk slow and some walk fast, but it does not mean anything. Some people like to work in the office and face the computer all day, some might want to join Forex traders in Malaysia.

But is it true that being nice is hard? I am going to list one why being nice is hard and then you make your own perception about it. One of the first reasons why being nice is quite hard because other people would always make themselves feel entitled in giving their opinions, in talking back, in saying mean things about something to us. Thus, while trusted broker forex try to be the bigger person, show respect and appreciation, we feel like we do not get appreciated, then what is really the point?

Second of all, generally, you have more pressure as adults. There are commitments such as working, paying the bills, getting less time for self-love, self-time for yourself, and not everyone could understand that especially older generations because they are not aware of that kind of treatment for themselves. They lived in a different kind of way, a way that you just have to suck it up to whatever life throws you in. I do not mean to sound rude, but it is selfish in a way and they expect us to live like that but honestly, we cannot.

Last but not least, is when we already had enough of the disrespect and not being appreciated. I would say if you are in this phase already, it might be harder to pull yourself back because the only thing that could possibly change your mind is your mentality and a change of heart, especially if something good actually happens to you during this phase. It is hard to say as the world is not filled with rainbows and butterflies all the time.

To summarize, everyone is struggling and has their own problems, and why can’t we be nice to everyone? How do people expect us to understand when they could not understand our situation? As we grow older, it doesn’t get easier, it gets tougher actually, and for us to have self-consciousness all the time is hard because life is already harder. Nonetheless, I believe in hope and faith in humanity. We can basically change what we want to change. Easy to be said, but it is true. For everyone to change, everyone needs to know and realize.