When it comes to the condition of your future first home, the answer is simple: buy something that is in the condition you want. Of course, although not all apartments with quality finishes and details will be in your budget, and may need more changes to suit your tastes, they will certainly be habitable. Most Essential Damansara Utama condo for sale for you now.

Instead, a dilapidated home will need a lot of modifications in order to become a home. Of course, these homes may have a lower price, but you will also need to consider the time and money involved in renovating such a property for it to become habitable.


If you can barely afford the rates and maintenance, then you will not have enough money to do anything but work, which will lower your quality of life. The solution is to always focus on something a little cheaper than the budget you have available and so you can enjoy life.

Think realistically about how much you will be able to afford to pay for a house so that you can enjoy life at the same time. That being said, you shouldn’t focus so much on saving money as to take out of the budget properties that fit your budget, but it would suit you in every way. Balance is the key.

Each of us wants to ensure a carefree old age

For this reason, many German residents eventually buy their own building, apartment or house. Or they personally build their dream home. After deciding to buy your own home in Malaysia, there is euphoria and the pursuit of the most comfortable and financially convenient property, but real estate agents have sales tactics established and tested for years, so as to form the idea that a certain property is the one which you have dreamed of all your life. Therefore, before investing in a house, you must analyze very carefully both the personal financial situation and the financial investments required for the new home.

Often, those wishing to take out a mortgage loan, find that low-interest payments of loan repayment are very convenient. But, unfortunately, “the bill at home does not always match that at the fair.” Here are some tips from real estate expert. 

Additional costs 

When buying a house in Malaysia, you should consider the additional costs, which are not included in the pre-sale price of the property.

  • Expenses for the acquisition of ownership of land,
  • notarial payments,
  • registration fee in the land.

Together, this amount represents 15% of the value of the property itself but keep in mind that you can also consider Bandar Puchong Kinrara apartment for sale.

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