Why Do You Need Breast Pumps? Here Is The Reasons Why

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Hello mommies! You must be here to find out if you need a breast pump for your baby. If you are a new mother, this post is made special for you. Babies would need to receive milk for them to grow up and in order to do that, you need to either breastfeed them directly or use a pump. In this era, most mothers would have at least one breast pump prepared at their house. There are plenty of reasons why they use a breast pump and there are a few kinds of breast pumps available. There are electric breast pump Malaysia, which is commonly used and manual pump and battery-powered pump. We are going to find out the reasons why most mothers would opt for breast pumps than direct breastfeeding.

3 Types of Breast Pumps

Before we find out the reasons, it is best for you to know what are the three basic types of breast pumps that can be found in the marketplace. Breast pumps collect milk from the breasts by sealing the nipple and applying and releasing suction to the nipple, causing milk to be expressed from the breast. A cycle is defined as each suction and release combination. Typically, a breast pump is kept in position by hand or by a nursing bra. The three types of breast pumps are the common ones and these are them:

  • Electric Pumps
electric breast pump malaysia

For those who want to save time and energy, electric pumps are the best option for you. Electric pumps are the best for mothers who express regularly. They are a lot quicker and easier than the manual ones. Electric pumps use the electrical connection in order to operate a tiny motorised pump which later supplies suction to express milk from your breasts. This type of pump usually has a dial or switch for you to adjust the suction level. 

  • Battery-Powered Pumps

This type of pump works just the same as electric pumps. The only difference is it is powered by a battery. You can use it anywhere as long as the power is still available. You can easily control the suction level by using the dial or switch to suit your needs. A breast pump is one of the essential products, especially for new mothers

  • Manual Pumps
electric breast pump malaysia

Ah, a classic one. This type of pump is a lot cheaper and quieter than the two mentioned before. Manual pumps are still becoming most women’s choice because they don’t require power or battery and can be used anywhere. In case of emergencies such as the power supply is out or there is no extra battery available, this pump can be used without worrying about the situation. 

Why Opt For Breast Pumps?

Onto our main focus for today, why should you get a breast pump? Well, if you are a working mom, you can express your milk before going to work and freeze it. Later when you get back from home or after getting your baby from the nursery, you can just feed him or her with the milk you have stored. Other than that, it is a lot easier and quicker. You can express your milk and store as much as you need for the day. Some babies have problems latching on breasts properly. This problem can be resolved by feeding them with stored breast milk. You can choose from the three types of breast pumps according to your budget and liking. 

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Essentials For A Working New Mother

Being a mother is no easy job. Especially being a new mother, who just gave birth to her child. It can be stressful, to transition from being pregnant, and now having your baby in your arms. People might think motherhood comes easy to women, but it is just the same as a father having a child. It is a new experience for all, despite their gender. 

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It gets harder if you have a job and a baby at same time. Usually, employers should give you some maternity leave, so you can get the rest, and be there for your child. However, some people need to get back to work. This is usually because of two reasons. First, they can’t afford to stay at home, so mothers need to resume their work as soon as possible. Second, mothers are also women who have jobs, and enjoy them. They can choose to go back to work if they want to. We are in the 21st century, so women are not forced to stay at home mothers any longer, if they don’t want to. 

However, you might face some issues when you get back to work. You will have to adapt to the changes your body is experiencing after childbirth. One of the changes include milk being collected in your breasts. Your baby will need to feed on the breast milk produced by your body for their development. This might prove to be hard if you intend on resuming your job. Here are a few products that you purchase when heading to work that will aid you. 

Breast Milk pump

The first thing you need to get is a breast milk pump. A product like this can aid you in a large way. When you are producing milk, it enlarges your breast. When it is filled, it can cause great discomfort to you. So, you need to release the milk as soon as possible. You can use breast pumps for this. They act as a suction to empty the milk ducts in your breasts. To be more efficient, you can use two breast pumps at once. 

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Breastmilk storage bag

Once you have extracted all the milk you produced, you can then keep it in a breastmilk storage bag. A storage bag comes along with breast pumps. Breast milk acts the same as normal milk. It becomes exposed to the air, and after long periods without refrigeration, it will spoil. So, instead of just keeping it at normal temperature, you should keep them in a storage bag. The storage bag allows you to keep the milk cool. Then, once you have reached home, you can feed it to your baby. This allows the baby to receive the milk even after it has been produced over an hour ago. Buy breast milk storage bag in Malaysia at Mamcliqs. 

Nipple cream

This is not necessarily an essential item, but you should purchase it anyway. Nipple creams are for your nipple. After all that friction caused between the nipple and the pump, it can get dry and chaffed. When this happens, the nipple becomes itchy and uncomfortable. Nipple creams will be able to deal with that itchy feeling by moisturizing the area. 

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Important Things To Get For Your Baby

Being a parent, you would want to give the best for your baby but miss out on the important things. This article will discuss the two important things that you should get to provide the utmost comfort for your baby. 

baby products Malaysia

Stock Up On Different Types And Sizes Of Diapers

Even though diapers are an apparent infant necessity, finding the right sort for your baby may be difficult and stressful. Remember that cloth diapers and disposable diapers each have their pros and cons. That is why you should always choose what is best for your child. Many mothers use both cloth and disposable diapers to prevent leakage as well as to ensure the baby does not develop skin sensitivity. To find the right one for your baby, you need to try out both types of diapers and discover which is more comfortable for you and your baby. If you have a newborn, have lots of diapers on hand. This is because newborn babies go through diapers a lot. In addition to that, do not forget to stock up on different sizes of diapers too because babies will outgrow the newborn size fast in a couple of weeks. You can get your diapers from baby products Malaysia that are deemed affordable and provide the best quality products for your baby.

Get Baby Clothing

Seeing all those cute attires in the store will make you want to get them for your baby, but you need to keep in mind that not all clothing materials are suitable for all babies based on their skin sensitivity and the weather. Usually, for newborns or before the baby reaches the first year, they would require clothing that is more appropriate for the weather. This is because their body is too sensitive to the changes in weather. That is why you need to get t-shirts and caps for your baby when the weather is hot and sunny. You should get sweaters and thick socks for the cold season. This will help your baby to adapt to the changes in the weather easily. You should also get them comfy pyjamas and onesies to wear to sleep. It is advisable that you should get apparel that is labelled 0-1 years old because they can fit for both newborn and 1-year-old babies. If you are worried about your baby growing out of these clothes fast, please don’t. This is because usually, babies do not outgrow their clothing until six months have passed, which is when they start to consume solid foods which help them to grow in height and weight. You need to look out for the materials of the baby’s clothes sold in the shops and the best material should be cotton or something that is like it to provide the best comfort for the baby. If you think that getting polyester made clothing for your baby is more cost-effective because they will outgrow them, please think again. This is because clothes made from polyester materials have the potential to cause irritation to your baby’s skin.