The Star Online: Sun dangles carrot at OSS developers

KUALA LUMPUR: In a bid to encourage more development of open-source software, network computing infrastructure vendor Sun Microsystems has kicked off a rewards programme for developers of such programs.

With quotes from our community members.

Several advocates of the technology and software developers welcomed the programme, saying that it would encourage the development of open-source software in the country.

Yong Yoon Kit, IT manager at local pewter powerhouse Royal Selangor.

Yong Yoon Kit, IT manager at local pewter powerhouse Royal Selangor, said the move would encourage local software developers to turn to open-source technology. “I believe it will spur the local open-source community to create more software,” he said.

From a micro-economics standpoint, said Yong, Malaysia will gain from US dollars that Sun Microsystems will pump in to help the local software developers.

“And in the long run, Malaysia will be less dependent on foreign software developers, which will help keep the ringgit in the country”  – Yong Yoon Kit

Open-source software developer Khairil Yusof hopes Sun Microsystems’ incentive will result in more Malaysian software developers getting involved in open-source projects.

“The problem in Asia, and even Malaysia, is that most people just tend to be end users and not contribute anything in return. This kind of attitude will not help the local open-source community” – Khairil Yusof

However, Khairil hopes that Sun Microsystems will open its rewards programme to include other technologies and not just Sun-specific areas. “We would also want to develop beyond these technologies,” he said.

Source: The Star Online