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Internet banking Malaysia is very convenient when you have an online account of your respective bank. You can access your money anywhere and anytime thanks to the portability of your phone, and you can also engage other online features of your bank account such as looking and signing up to your bank’s investment program.

As great as the benefits of online banking are, they can be cut short by your account’s compromised security and your funds drained like a straw as messages of unauthorized transactions start to flood your phone. Your month is already ruined when you are witnessing the downfall of your savings to the minimum required amount needed to maintain your bank account.

You had all of the security figured out, yet your bank account was still hacked. You still remember your password, which is simply the name of your favorite movie.

Here is where the problem lies. Your movie is very popular, and known by so many people in many countries. It broke box office records and gained tons of positive receptions, some even went far to say that it is the peak of the superhero movie franchise.

You probably figured it out by now. Such an immensely popular title will not do as your bank account password. You are asking for trouble. If not this password, what else will work as one?


It is fine to use media references as your password, but it is better if it is obscure or not a mega hit. It doesn’t matter whether it is a video game, underground music or a B-rated movie that you found as a kid in a dingy basement DVD store somewhere in town.

As much as there are mainstream media out there, underground ones are just as plenty. You only have to keep digging the shovel as there is gold or diamonds beneath the dirt full of earthworms. Otherwise, if you still insist on referencing the big cheeses, at least choose a very uncommon reference that not enough people would get without deep knowledge of the source.


internet banking Malaysia

Many websites may tell you to lengthen your password when you are signing up. This is not a request, it is a demand. You can ignore it if you want to, but your security will likely be compromised if the hackers attempt to penetrate your account and only takes few guesses to enter your password correctly.

Mix letters, numbers and symbols altogether. It doesn’t have to be a constructive word or sentence. If you have too, just type gibberish instead, only worrying the exact characters and their orders. When you are storing your password for reference, never store it in public areas, both online and physical. 

Store your precious password in your very own private space instead. Your lockbox, your drawer’s hidden compartment, your zipped file that is locked with yet another password, and so on.

Change Often

After a month or so, you must make the habit of cycling new passwords so your bank account will definitely be secured. You should also swap new references if you are using such for your passwords. Never use the same source. Or even the same genre if you want to take this further.

And dispose of your old note for good.