Sci-fi has been one of the most exciting genres to experience from a multitude of different mediums including movies, video games, tv shows, books and a lot more. With an often interesting and fantastic looking setting that looks into a number of years or centuries into the future, it can be fun to imagine what life would be like, many years into the future. One could wonder if life would be much better with the amount of advancements in technology in the future, or if life would be much worse due to dictatorship governments ruling over people with an iron fist in a dystopian society that has only regressed in societal norms. For more articles like this one, click here.

Enjoying any medium of entertainment with sci-fi elements can be one of the best ways to take a break from working in a mlm software provider. Especially playing a sci-fi action adventure game that takes place in a fictional city, two centuries into the future. Games like these often take advantage of the advanced technology that would eventually be developed into the future. Superhuman abilities thanks to advanced cybernetic technology, can be achieved and used for certain gameplay elements. In the world of tomorrow, there can be many aspects that can be altered to provide the best gameplay such as weapon technology, transportation technology and even different foods that can give different healing benefits. We will list down the three best sci-fi video games to play on your preferred system below.

  1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

In the prequel to the original 2000 Deus Ex, we have an interesting perspective of our future, where human augmentation has become the norm. This is a game about fascinating social tension between those who support augmentations and those who aren’t, and you are always asked to take sides. Not only in conversations, but also in the environment, your actions will have permanent implications. The manner in which you decide to augment Adam Jensen to open new pathways and abilities adds a Metroidvania quality to the game’s progression, and in this bleak yet lovingly constructed version of our future, you still have several means of resolving problems.

  1. Portal 2

Some concepts are best for games, and the teleportation gun testing facility for Portal 2 was just great for certain difficult puzzles. The Valve variety is still amazing and since then, the game’s community has made Portal II much more valuable by adding new levels and fan games. Portal II is one of the few puzzles not to skimp on an enjoyable storyline with great voice performance. Simply placed, the portal gun has become an evergreen part of the history of Pop Culture.

  1. The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds, a successful title in 2019, mixes many aspects, including business satire, bizarre companions and RPG elements, that many people like about the Fallout games. Unlike Fallout, though, it is a good game to not lose your whole life over, while loving the whole experience for just 15 hours for the main mission. The storyline also does not call for too much effort – it is a matter of the well established stereotype of science-fiction that you see so often of evil mega corporations, but comedy is refreshing in a genre in which things can be often bleak.