silicon breast pump Malaysia
silicon breast pump Malaysia

All of us know that mom breast milk is the best milk for a child. But sometimes we need a silicon breast pump Malaysia to pump the milk out. If you are interested in silicon breast pumps Malaysia click here.

Why Babies Doesn’t want to eat?

silicon breast pump Malaysia

There are a few reasons that a newborn baby may not be eating enough such as a tongue tie, illness, or being born prematurely. But regardless of the reason, if your newborn isn’t feeding normally, you should call their healthcare provider. Especially if your baby’s sleepy and has a loss of appetite.

This can be a sign of illness, infection, or low blood sugar. Infants dehydrate easily and not eating can quickly turn into a medical issue. Generally, they shouldn’t go without feeding for longer than five hours for their first 12 weeks.
There’s a lot that can cause loss of appetite in a baby’s first year. Your baby will likely double their birth weight in the first four months. By the time they hit one, they’ll probably have tripled it. You’ve no doubt heard about growth spurts. Grown spurt is a period of time where babies grow more rapidly and noticeably than other times.

How to Increase Baby Appetences

  1. Breastmilk
    From the birth till 6 months old babies need only breast milk to gain their weight. This is a super food which is most nutritious and balanced for babies. Breast milk also helps to improve the immunity and appetite in babies.
  2. Banana
    Bananas are high in carbohydrates, potassium, dietary fiber, Vitamins C and B6 which is an excellent source of natural energy. A single banana can provide more than 100 calories. You can introduce bananas after 6 month old. You also can make banana smoothies, shakes, puddings or just a mashed banana. Bananas are an easy way to feed at home and when you are traveling.
  3. Full Cream Milk
    Full cream dairy milk is also one of the ways to help your child to gain weight. You should include at least two glasses of milk per day to one year old child’s diet. Not only that, you also can add homemade health powders such as dry fruit powders to the milk if your child doesn’t like plain milk. Cow’s milk should be avoided until your child is a year old.
  4. Sweet Potato
    You can introduce sweet potatoes after six months old to your child. Sweet potato is the most nutritious food. It is also, a good source of potassium, magnesium, dietary fiber, phosphorus and are low in saturated fat. Sweet potatoes are easy to mash and digest and also very tasty. You can make sweet potato khichdi, pancakes and halwa for your babies and toddlers.
  5. Plain meat and egg
    For non- vegetarian meat can be a good option for gaining weight. The red meat provides an easily absorbed form of iron for your baby. But make sure you introduce homemade meat to your child initially. Eggs are also high in protein, saturated fat. Eggs are a very healthy option for your child’s growth and development. Egg is a good source of choline, which helps to regulate the nervous system and brain. But before that make sure your child isn’t allergic to eggs.