buy health insurance policy for young adults Malaysia

As someone just venturing into adulthood, you have a ton of important things to worry about like finding a job, a place to stay or a life partner. But have you given any thought to buy health insurance policy for young adults Malaysia? When you’re young, misfortune seems like a far away concept that isn’t quite real. You’re quick to bounce back, after all. But no one stays young and healthy forever. Accidents might strike anyone at any time. This is why young adults can’t afford to neglect getting a good health insurance plan.

If you’re still hemming and hawing, here are some very good reasons why you, a young adult, should buy a health insurance policy today!

It’s good to be prepared

No one plans for life altering accidents to occur to them. Nevertheless, it so often happens to people all around us regardless of their age and health. You may be in peak health now but a simple car accident can change that. When you’re in the ICU fighting for your life, the last thing you need to concern yourself with is how you’re going to pay the hefty hospital bill if you manage to pull through. You simply have much more important things to figure out at that point. 

With a health insurance plan already bought, you won’t have to worry.

Earlier equals cheaper

buy health insurance policy for young adults malaysia

The quality of your health insurance is dependent on many elements and your age is a major factor. Insurance companies consider young, healthy people as lower risk and non-liability therefore they are willing to invest more in them. As a young person, you can also be as selective as you want while deciding which insurance plan to take as you have a ton of options. Older people are seen as liabilities to insurance companies as they have a higher chance of getting sick. They would have to pay more to get a decent health insurance plan as insurance rates get higher with age.

The younger you purchase a health insurance policy, the better!

Avoid going broke

buy health insurance policy for young adults malaysia

A lot of young people balk after finding out that buying a health insurance plan means paying for it every month. They complain that it’s just another expense and argue that they could go without it. However, unless you’re stinking rich (which is unlikely for an average young adult) getting hospital care without any insurance in place is a very unwise move. When you do the math, paying for insurance every month is a hundred times better than paying through the nose for a three night hospital stay along with all the tests and medical procedures you have to undergo.

Sure, you’ll have to fork out a certain amount of money each month. But that’s to avoid you filing for bankruptcy after one unlucky night.

We truly hope that this article has convinced you, the young and healthy, to buy health insurance policy for young adults malaysia. The best age to start looking for the best health insurance plans is in your 20s. If that’s you, start your search soon or you’ll regret it!